Couple for Devon stately but not stuffy home

Housekeeper Live-In/Out if local

Couple for Devon stately but not stuffy home


This is a rural stately home offering a  private apartment, your own entrance and total privacy for a couple who are willing to work with a maid, a mothers help and the family to look after everything to do with easy cooking, laundry and all the usual things associated with a family of five.  More is that you will help with the events, so some corporate involvement too, nothing major just help to set up tables and make sure the guests don't ruin the antiques!

I reckon that if you like to be at the heart of a fun, hectic and rather special aristocratic family then go for it.  I think you don't need to be highly experienced just willing and cheery.  £850 npw is probably the maximum but you will be treated beautifully and the kids will love you if you can giggle a bit with them.

Lynn Morris 020 7259

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