Couple for South of France. Seriously stunning role.

Housekeeper Live-In/Out if local

Couple for South of France. Seriously stunning role.


This mature couple have employed one couple for over thirty years. Now, as this pair are retiring, the charming principals offer a beautiful separate house with a garden for you two. 

You will be running the villa for most of the year alone as they only come for around four months a year. 

Kindly note that a little French would help.

You should be mature in your ways, in fact  little old fashioned would be nice as we don’t want anyone “swinging”!  They entertain no more than 5 or 6 people at a time and get caterers in if they have the rare party.  You can see this is for two stable professionals where the lady cooks and the husband drives and serves with some maintenance too of course.  It is the “serving” bit that can be hard to find as no one seems to be a butler these days. 

If you would like a life of gentle ebb and flow with a rather hectic bit in the middle then call me .  £850 npw but don’t be put off, we could try for more with a gentle push!



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