Estate Manager Suffolk own cottage so dogs welcome.

Housekeeper Live-In/Out if local

Estate Manager Suffolk own cottage so dogs welcome.


Your cottage is superb, big enough for two and dogs.  You are mainly looking after the tenant farmers, arrange for the servicing of cars and the gun collection, overseeing the general facilities, meetings with wool board and others, ordering animal feed and keeping budgets reporting to the senior PA of this media families business and estate so that this stunning old property runs smoothly.  The last lady, yes lady, was a young country lover who had worked on the yachts and loved sports and horses, she put all in order before moving away from the land and now they need someone who can manage 10 staff, keep everything on this busy estate moving forward well and understand that discretion is everything as this family is famous.  Male or Female fine.

You will need verve, education, charm and a DBS with at least two references.  Think £40/45.

Lynn Morris 020 7259

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