Executive PA. Private & Personal role. West End £100k

Housekeeper Live-In/Out if local

Executive PA. Private & Personal role. West End £100k


For one of the top financial gurus in the world now based back in london's West End, you will take care of all his private and personal work with the help of a young assistant, yet to be employed.  Your background will reflect the salary.  I do feel that I hardly need to say more here as this is a highly confidential post and those of you who command a salary in this range will fully understand the needs. 

By the way, the above pre-supposes that if you contact me you are already at or near the top of your profession, stylish, front of house and able to asist with hosting and organising events.  Not for those, like me, with the odd aches and pains, they will come later!

Many homes, wonderful art collection, madly busy, in fact a highly rewarding role with no day the same but Oh! do you have to be on the ball!!!!

I am sure you understand that it is a lot better if you talk to me in the stictest confidence, and i do mean that, I have been involved in this type of recruitment for over thirty years and I never break confidences.

Lynn Morris 020 7259 6999lynn.morris@beauchamppartners.co.uk

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