House manager /Housekeeper in SoHo

Housekeeper Live-In/Out if local

House manager /Housekeeper in SoHo


This couple are in and out of London from the States, the lady is American and the gentleman English and she is a very busy lady indeed as she is involved in the media so needs the help of a lady to look after her wardrobe and lingerie plus act as house manager for the more technical things but being a really hand on person in the large, sleek, modern apartment. 

You will live out and visit each day keeping a sensible eye on everything so common sense and some knowledge of security and IT is essential.  Really this means that you should have looked after a similar home as head housekeeper or perhaps also as manager but I must stress that you must be happy with a pinny and duster!

I hope you like the sound of this as it is straight forward and if you are able to keep these principles life a little less stress free then you will have a super job for years.  £50k but a little negotiable.



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