House manager for Kent . Mainly absent Owners

Housekeeper Live-In/Out if local

House manager for Kent . Mainly absent Owners


You will have a home in the coach house of this home with 4 acres in beautiful countryside near Chislehurst.  You will look after the Labrador who needs loving care as his owners visit about 6 times a year, he is loved but due to circumstances that may change, for now he is under your protection.  Don't worry, days off and holidays are being looked into so that you are not tied to him.

I believe you may bring a wife/partner with you and they ask that you take total charge of every aspect of this 6 bedroom house in 4 acres with the help of a cleaner.  They are a very young, informal family with two football mad children, (there are goal posts on the lawn!)  so you will have to be an active all round person who can drive, as they will need picking up at the airport.  No cooking as the lady does her own and some help with entertaining but most of the time you will be left to manage as you see fit.

I think this would suit a self contained person, obviously a dog lover, who can just take control with minimum supervision and who does not need a manic night life!

I think the salary could range between £35k and £45k dependent on experience.

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