Travelling Butler Russian Speaker helpful not ess.

Housekeeper Live-In/Out if local

Travelling Butler Russian Speaker helpful not ess.


This gentleman has many properties around the Mediterranean and a super yacht.  His main residence is Monaco so you would be based there but as his Penthouse is not completed yet you would live on the yacht and work with another butler and chefs plus the crew to serve him and his partner.  Hawaii is on the list of countries with Greece and Gstaad also visited often.  You must be a fully trained and experienced butler used to serving at the highest level.

Frankly, as he is just such a nice person and there are only the occasional visiting children around, this post is a delight for any one with the language and the love of nomadic life from the utmost luxury. 

Five day week, and around £4500 Euros a month for a team player with superb experience as a top butler.

Lynn Morris 020 7259

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