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<h3>Nanny, On Rotation, SW3</h3>

Nanny, On Rotation, SW3


Are you a Supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus Nanny?

Pack your carpet bag as you will be doing a bit of travelling with the family to Europe and the USA. 

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<h3>Central London, Monday to Friday -excellent hours! </h3>

Central London, Monday to Friday -excellent hours!


Monday to Friday housekeeper/cook position with a touch of childcare to help the nanny in the afternoons.

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<h3>Get your passport at the ready! Nanny needed</h3>

Get your passport at the ready! Nanny needed


A top VIP family need you to join their team to care for their 2 little girls.

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<h3>Yodelay hee hoo! Housekeeper/Nanny, Switzerland</h3>

Yodelay hee hoo! Housekeeper/Nanny, Switzerland


In the home of cuckoo clocks, chocolate and snow capped mountains.  Housekeeper/Nanny required to ensure smooth running of the house and help care for 6 year old girl, Monday - Friday, occasio

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<h3>Monday - Friday Housekeeper, Guildford</h3>

Monday - Friday Housekeeper, Guildford


Cracking job for an experienced housekeeper in Guildford.  This Saudi Family are in residence for four months of the year, when they bring their entourage, so lots of helping hands. 

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