Private Household Staff Agency

Beauchamp Partners is a leading domestic staff agency. We are experts in placing household staff in the homes which most need them and have over 25 years of experience in doing so. We specialise in recruiting private household staff who are the best at what they do, introducing them to employers from across the UK and internationally who are looking for professional help in a domestic environment.

Our consultants can place household staff in a range of situations and we will try our best to find someone to suit the exact requirements of a household; whether a nanny is needed in a villa overseas, chefs are needed for a private yacht or a butler is needed for a family home here in the UK, we at Beauchamp Partners can lend our expertise.

Beauchamp Partners recruits people who are passionate about the service they provide, accepting only the finest calibre of staff for private households who have the right knowledge and a highly professional attitude. We recruit staff for a range of positions, including nannies, housekeepers, house managers, butlers, gardeners, cooks, tutors, chauffeurs and more.

We understand the importance of discretion, honesty and suitability, which is why our 25 years of expertise is so valuable to our customers. We at Beauchamp Partners adapt our approach depending on the specific situations that clients present us with, but our professional method of applying a thorough vetting process means that we have established ourselves as a successful domestic staff agency. We believe that this benefits both private household staff and the households themselves, creating a strong and reliable partnership between the two.

If you are in need of domestic assistance in your life, wherever you are in the world, or are looking for a challenging and rewarding role as a household staff member and have the relevant knowledge and skill, get in touch with a truly experienced household staff agency today: speak to one of the recruitment consultants at Beauchamp Partners.