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<h3>Nanny, Live Out, Surrey  Ref:1035EJ</h3>

Nanny, Live Out, Surrey Ref:1035EJ


If this 7 month old baby boy could write his own request for a Nanny I think it might go something like this.......

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<h3>Be respected as a Live in Housekeeper/cook - Fulham Ref:1030AF</h3>

Be respected as a Live in Housekeeper/cook - Fulham Ref:1030AF


Tagalog speaker a plus!

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<h3>Haselmere.  House Manager/Butler.  Here we go again!</h3>

Haselmere. House Manager/Butler. Here we go again!


We thought we had found someone for this post but sadly, he could not live in full time as they wished so we are still looking for a person with top skills to care for an English family of four, a

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<h3>Tutor/companion for weekends in Surrey  Ref:1041AF</h3>

Tutor/companion for weekends in Surrey Ref:1041AF


Once upon a time there lived in Haselmere two little people of 11, the little girl and a little boy of 7. She is really growing up fast and he is a boisterous bouncy lad.

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<h3>Live In or Out, Housekeeper, Surrey  Ref:1031EJ</h3>

Live In or Out, Housekeeper, Surrey Ref:1031EJ


A charming, mature couple are looking for a softly spoken, gentle soul to assist them in their home.  The accommodation is a separate 2 bed cottage, or if you live locally you could go in dail

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